Microwatt Series of Data Loggers

MicroWatt is a series of 8 channel low powered battery operated data loggers, designed for remote or difficult locations having no power connected. In a typical application the operational life of the battery is from 1 to 10 years.

The MicroWatt has a maximum of 8 channels of analog and /or digital inputs, stored in non-volatile memory. Digital data is stored in a 32 bit counter, whilst both analog and digital data is stored as 16 bit values in timed intervals, similar to Load Profile.

MicroWatt has been designed to be used as a Metering Data Logger as well as a general purpose Data Logger when suitable sensors are used.

A Serial RS-232 Port has been provided to connect to a local Laptop PC to set up the data logger and to extract data from the logger. In addition the Port may be used to connect a modem for remote data reading. Local and remote meter reading using a Laptop or Desktop PC is undertaken using a Layson developed PC program called WinLog.

A variant of the MicroWatt Data Logger is the 8 Channel GSM/GPRS MicroWatt Data Logger, being a standard MicroWatt with inbuilt GSM/GPRS radio communications.

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