Remote Metering Unit (RMU32)

The Epitomy 32 Channel Remote Meter Reading Unit (RMU) has been designed to remotely read any meter with a pulsing contact representing the meter throughput, such as gas, electricity, hot and cold water meters.

A maximum or 32 meters may be connected to one RMU, and a maximum of 32 RMUs may be connected together into one network of 1024 meters. Any RMU in the network may be used as the Master and connected to the PSTN, GPRS or GSM networks via a modem, to remotely read all 1024 meters. This is adequate for most installations, however multiple networks may be installed for exceptionally large complexes.

Local meter reading is possible either by reading the Liquid Crystal Display on each RMU32 or by plugging a Laptop PC into any one RMU32 and reading all meters in the network. Local and remote meter reading using a Laptop or Desktop PC is undertaken using a Epitomy developed PC program called WinLog.

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