Company Introduction

Layson Pty Limited is an Australian Company which designs, manufactures and markets Data Logging equipment. These Data Loggers are primarily aimed at Automated Meter Reading (AMR) for electricity, gas, hot and cold water. However other Data Logging applications are catered for, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, velocity, liquid levels etc..

A typical Layson AMR system consists of one or more 8 or 32 channel Data Loggers hard wired to meters and/or sensors, with all loggers interconnected to a communication network. One Data Logger in the network is equipped with a PSTN, GPRS or GSM modem to provide remote data access to all loggers in the network. A Layson AMR system would typically be located in:

To support these activities Layson supplies a range of equipment and services, some of which are itemised below, and detailed in later pages:

Layson Pty Ltd ABN 00 001 852 044
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